Home Management for Puppies

Assisting in Home Control Management and set-up even before your puppy arrives home.

Guidance on routines, sleeping, feeding, crate training and toilet training.

Discussion on what to expect from your puppy and preparing a safe environment for their arrival.

Residential Training

Board and Train your dog in a stress-free environment, living within a family unit and trained by a qualified trainer.

Incorporate with holiday or family time away.

6 Acres of space to run, play, socialise and learn.

Learn life-skills, exposure to different environments and people, basic obedience to specific behaviour issues.

Introduce to different noises and environments.

Regular updates on progress and activities.

1 week to 1 month bookings.

Socialisation Group Walks

A chance for you and friends (with dogs) to enjoy an hour walk at a local location where I will answer training questions and assist in outside issues any of the dogs may have.

Offers time to work with you within a group environment where you can structure the session and questions.

Builds on socialisation and good manners walking in group/public environment.

1-2-1 assistance can also be incorporated during walking session as needed with dog(s).

Minimum 2 people/dogs – maximum 4.

Cost effective way to train and learn with friends supported by a qualified trainer.

This is not recommend for dogs with severe behavioural/reactivity problems until after a 1-2-1 assessment to ensure safety in the group.

Adult Dog 1-2-1 Behaviour Consultation

Behavioural sessions looks closer at the way your dog is feeling (why, when, what is causing the behaviour), managing their stress levels and working within their threshold.

Behavioural issues can range from Resource Guarding; Lead Aggression; Reactivity to dogs/people; Fear Aggression; Chasing (joggers/cyclists/cars); Compulsive Disorders; Destruction and Noise Sensitivity (fireworks/sirens)

A full Assessment and consultation offered at your home to cover history; habits; any medical concerns; changes in household and assess future risk.

Full report on findings offering owner compliance and modification programme to help dog’s rehabilitation.

Patience, time, calmness and consistency is needed. Many cases are complex so a tailored plan to keep dog’s stress hormones down is needed.

Puppy Home 1-2-1 foundation training

Programme of 3-sessions to cover foundation training and confidence in young pups.

From preparing puppy for grooming, using a harness, reflex to name, eye contact work through to chewing/nipping problems.

Socialisation and desensitisation advice, door manners and crate/settle training.

These sessions will give your pup the basics to get off to a good start and for owner to learn every day training techniques to put in place from day one.

A programme tailored to your dog breed and home routine to help owner, as well as improve pup’s confidence and impulse-control.

Detailed written report to use as forward guide

The Adolescent Years 6-18 months

An overview of the early days foundation training, incorporating with more distractions and different environments.

Also suitable for those who went to a puppy class in early years but needs more focused training to improve results.

Suitable for owners who have a specific problem within the home or in an outside environment from jumping, digging, barking, running off, pulling on the lead etc.

Even the best trained puppies can go through a challenging time when hitting their adolescent period – patience, praise and the right positive reinforcement can help when competing with hormones and dogs curiosity to explore further as their confidence grows.

Incorporating games, fun as well as showing correct timings with reward and motivation for your individual dog. This can make a huge difference to behaviour, bond, positive motivation helping your dog to make right decisions.

Detailed written report to use as forward guide.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please get in touch to arrange a free 15 minute non-obligation telephone consultation with me using the form below.


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