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LEADing The Way with JFJ is a professional and personable Dog Training & Canine Behaviour service to assist your bespoke requirements, working with you and your pet dog within the home and local community. All my services are 1-2-1, with the exception of managing a “Socialisation” session with your local dogs in the area where friends/family and their dogs are also invited to join for real-life socialisation situations.

I am based in Bexley and work with clients across Kent and the South East London area, although I do accommodate further locations as required. 1-2-1 Training and Behaviour assistance to both owner and dog, working around your work/home life requirements and routines to find the right plan.

From puppies to adolescent, adult dogs to senior, all dogs deserve the best we can offer by LEADing The Way positively and assisting in building a happy and calm relationship between dog and owner.

Understanding your pet

I am professionally qualified with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers having covered both practical and theory courses (OCN recognised) and consistently maintain CPD (Continued Professional Development) in Canine Behaviour, Understanding Canine Language and the Science behind Dog Training. All my methods are FORCE FREE using Positive Reinforcement training, proving love, kindness and understanding of your pet offers long-term results and builds a closer bond and trust with your dog.

I have also worked with dogs who are recovering from illness/operation where their daily routine needs to be calmer for their own health and strength…..not just the owners. Some Rescue dogs suffer from anxiety and fear-based behaviour problems and also need a slow, steady and calmer programme to avoid going over their threshold. Every dog is different, every lifestyle is different but all the training I offer is ethical, patient and kind – supported by a Code of Conduct from Organisations I am proud to be associated with – IMDT, Pet Professional Network and Dog Training College.


Every Dog is Different... not just in Breed type

LEADing The Way with JFJ



I’m professionally qualified and continually develop my training in canine behaviour, understanding canine language, and the methods of dog training.


I believe all dogs deserve the best and I exclusively use positive, force-free training methods for a happy and bonded dog and owner.


I understand that pet dogs are family and work considerately around your work or home life requirements and routines.

LEADing The Way with JFJ

Uses Positive Reinforcement and reward based training, ONLY force-free methods.

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