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Working with Rescue and Disabled dogs

I also work closely with a local Dog Physiotherapist who is a specialist in Physical Rehabilitation of dogs. A rehabilitation programme combining physio with calming impulse-control and enrichment training can be beneficial for dogs who have undergone surgery or are in a physical recovery situation and need a range of low pace solutions.

I have worked with several dogs who are recovering from illness/operation where their daily routine needs to be a calmer one for their own health and strength…..not just the owners. Many Rescues who have not had the best start in life are re-homed with anxiety and fear based behaviour problems and need a slow, steady and calmer programme to avoid going over their threshold and can benefit from Behaviour sessions where this is understood and works at the dogs pace.

Every dog is different, every lifestyle is different but all the training I offer is ethical, patient and kind – supported by a Code of Conduct from Organisations I am proud to be associated with – IMDT; Pet Professional Network and Dog Training College.

Rescue & Disability