I can not recommend Jules enough. She has helped me and my Jack Russell puppy with training and also confidence in going outside. Friendly and knowledgeable and with great tips on keeping my puppy mentally and physically entertained. Jules also provides a report after every session as a great reminder to help with training at home. Excellent training techniques and my puppy loved her! September 30th (L.Britton, Crayford - Dotty Jack Russell X 14 wk pup)

  I'm an experienced dog owner but was struggling with an over friendly puppy. I came across Jules here at Nextdoor and decided to give it a go. I'm so glad I did. Jules is incredible. Within minutes of meeting Poppy she was walking off the lead and doing everything Jules asked of her. We did a 4 sessions puppy training and Poppy is just an incredible dog now. Jules "speaks dog". It's all about communication and she knows exactly how to talk to them and she will teach you how do do it. My dog absolutely adored her and was always very keen to learn from her. Jules is an excellent dog trainer and I couldn't recommend her enough. (R.Bardi, Sidcup - Poppy )

  I would recommend Jules as a dog trainer (and have!) to anyone with a dog. I needed training as a novice dog owner and she transformed my relationship with my pup. He is now 14 months old and is the best boy. Jules trained me well! ( Angela Hart - Spaniel - Eltham )

  Jules has meant we can live a normal life again! I have a Romanian rescue dog called Kiko that has had a difficult start in life resulting in him being reactive with strangers. Kiko is the perfect dog at home and part of the family but his issues made day-to-day activities quite stressful. We have struggled having guests round to the house and previously had to walk very early morning/late at night to avoid passing people. Even when doing our best to avoid triggers, things like motorbikes could set him off and his barking and lunging made me feel anxious when walking him. I found Jules on Facebook and was relieved to read other reviews from people in similar situations that had managed to improve their dogs behaviour with the help of Jules – they weren’t wrong! Jules was understanding of Kiko’s background and worked on boosting his confidence and trust in people rather than punishing his behaviour. Jules also helped with my own anxiety and made me feel more confident to walk Kiko and to go to new places. I now know new helpful commands, how to manage different situations and to always have cheese on me! We have seen such a difference in Kiko since first meeting Jules. It is a work in progress but we now manage to go for 90% stress free walks and are able to have 1-2 people round without any reaction from Kiko. This is a HUGE improvement and a relief that Kiko can be happier and calmer day to day. Could not recommend more! Thanks Jules! ( India - Kiko - Romanian Rescue Aug/2022 )

  Jules has helped to transform our lives. She really helped give us the tools and confidence in training our 2 year old labrador who was exciteable to say the least. She was amazing, patient and committed to helping us. Thanks to Jules we can enjoy everything having a family pet bring in all situations, instead of feeling constantly anxious as to how he will behave. Would definitely recommend Jules. Thanks so much (Joanne - Bailey/Black Lab 2 years - July/2022 )

  Jules has been amazing; I can’t recommend her enough. She helped us train our 6-month-old puppy and after the first session we saw a noticeable difference. As well as support in the sessions she sends a really detailed email which is great to share with other family members or to refer back to as there’s so many tips to take from each session. Her training style has also created a deeper bond with our pup. (Katie - Hunter/Utonagan 6 month - May/2022 )

  Jules helped us get our mad 8-year-old cockapoo under control after he had an operation on his knee and needed to calm down to prevent doing damage (i.e. by jumping up, running, sofa surfing etc). Very effective style and quick results. If you need to teach an old dog new tricks then Jules can show you how. Highly recommend, worth every penny. (Jake - Ralph - May/2022)

Laurel/cocker spaniel

  Excellent service. Made a lot of difference to my dog. Easier to handle, easier to train. The most important thing is that my dog's behaviour changed. Training is through the game with lots of positive emotions for both the dog and the owner. Works very well without yelling. Calm words and gentle/no-pressure reinforcement work magic. Jules is a professional and is to be trusted. Friendly, polite and always on time. Heard plenty of positive feedback from other owners. I'll definitely go for a 'top up' lesson in a few weeks. The results are seen even after just 1 lesson. She means business and she's seriously good! Thoroughly recommended. (Dimitry - Laurel/cocker spaniel - April/2022)

  We met Jules via a recommendation from a friend, and what a great recommendation it was! We had just got a nine-week-old cocker spaniel puppy, Tara, and we were determined to give her the best start, and not make the common mistakes people make with new puppies, that can lead to months and even years of frustration. I spoke at length on the phone with Jules who gave me some very useful information before we even met, and we then arranged to do her “puppy course”. The first session we did in our back garden and Tara was off the lead and learning recall within 30 minutes. The second session we did a couple of weeks later in a nearby park, and again we were amazed that Tara could be off the lead and running around and coming back when called and obeying commands. Jules’ affable confident personality and manner gave us the confidence to know that Tara will be set up for success! Jules’ insight and knowledge of dog psychology and behaviour is second to none, and she went above and beyond with help and advice. Of course there is a lot of homework to do, but it really pays off. I love it when I’m out in a park with Tara and we meet other dogs and their owners, and they are always amazed at how well-behaved Tara is for such a young puppy. We whole heartedly recommend Jules to anyone who wants their puppy on the right track from the start. (Richard - F-T - Greenwich March/2022)

  Jules met our dog Alfie at 9 weeks old and together we had 3 sessions. In that time Jules was in excellent communication with us even before we met, she was giving us advice on toilet training so by the time we met we were already up and running with the correct advice. We had Alfie walking off the lead at 15 weeks and it was amazing! Jules gave us the confidence and proper training to help teach commands and how to deal with certain situations. He is now 7 months and is a real star! Thanks Jules! I would recommend in a heartbeat. (Jane. M, Bexleyheath)

  We have 2 Dobermans and one Frenchie and they needed a range of behavioural training basically from puppy to adult as they are 8 years, 6 months and one a year old. Jules has visited weekly and has made such a difference from basic puppy work and foundation behaviour through to obedience and Loose lead walking all three who are strong which has made a huge difference to their lead work. Would definitely recommend. (A. Reynolds, Dartford)

  Jules has been wonderful at helping us with Harry. He's a very good boy and is a quick learner but we needed some tips on how to work on a few things with him and Jules went above and beyond for us. She is very informative and patient and is excellent and breaking things down into baby steps for us to understand and implement after our sessions. Her knowledge of dog training, food, treats, toys, leashes, and activities to do with harry in the local community have been so helpful and we really appreciate it. If anything else comes up that we need help with we will be sure to reach out to her again. She has a magic touch with dogs and it's so lovely to see how much Harry likes her. Thank you Jules!

  Jules has been an absolute delight to bring into our home and garden and teach us what we were doing wrong. From the techniques and knowledge to hands on approach and personalised guidance, she really has truly set us on the right path and been a real game changer. We can see that if attentive to her sound words and advice, one can gain in a few hours, enough knowledge that a whole 7 or 8 weekly sessions at a puppy school may offer. Jules comes to your house and with no distractions or other dogs, really does get a real grip on how to handle your pet in your home and also takes you out for a walk to show you the same. I have watched on TV several dog whisperers and quite frankly, Jules stands amongst them. You will be lucky to have her time and quality of expertise and invaluable advice to help you and your family and doggy on the way to happiness. (Adam G., Farningham)

  I rang Jules to ask if she could help with my very barky, over excitable young border terrier. I hadn’t realised that she was right on the other side of London so it wouldn’t be practical for her to do any training sessions with us. However, she chatted to me for ages, giving me all sorts of excellent advice just to be helpful. I wish she lived closer as I’m sure she would have been able to help with my dog’s behaviour. I’m going to put into practice all the things she suggested. From our conversation Jules sounded lovely and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her. (Camilla G, West Hill London)

  OMG so good! My puppy was bought in isolation and has little or no socialisation. Jules had only seen him once and the difference to his behaviour while out on a walk is already amazing and his leave command is getting better and better. He was very nervous when they first met but by the end she had him eating out the palm of her hand. Can’t wait for his next session. (Tracey W., Bexley)

  I cannot recommend Jules enough for puppy training. Jules was on hand to offer lots of professional advice in person as well as following up before and after on the phone. If you are looking for a dog trainer to assist with you new pup then please speak to Jules. Thanks again and see you for another session soon! (Robbie B., Eltham London)

  Jules has worked wonders with our dog Luther who was full of bad habits at just 1 year old. Luther loves her and both my husband and I have learnt so much too! We will definitely be keeping the training up and even sending Luther to stay with Jules when we finally get to go on holiday! I highly recommend. (Lyndsay C., Bexleyheath)

  I first met Jules when I was a proud Police puppy walker and the German Shepherd would bark & bark & bark and although failed after only 2 weeks police training is now our lovely pet dog. We realised we needed professional help & found Jules who agreed to meet and came to the house and she worked wonders, Jules was able to stop some of the barking. We both knew I had a lot of work to do. We had a few more training sessions within a few weeks and most of the time walks lovely to heel and I have actually been complimented by the neighbours saying you’ve had dog training and it shows. Why I picked Jules is because I like the way she works, she uses a method easy to understand "ignore the bad behaviour and praises the good’ highly recommended and very calming for me and our pet shepherd. Jules is very approachable and is always there to help. Jules has given me the confidence to train my dog the way I feel she should be. I couldn’t have done this without her and I thank her very much. (Kathryn B. Bexley)

  Jules is a genuine and knowledgeable dog trainer, she is friendly and helpful and willing to meet your individual needs, she helped me with massively with my puppy and gave me the confidence to help me gain the best relationship with my puppy. Highly recommend. (Jane B., Bexley)

  Did my first training session with Jules on Friday and have noticed the difference already. (Nikki H. - Sidcup)

  We have a boisterous and stubborn French Bulldog and within a matter of weeks Jules has tamed him completely and made us so much more knowledgeable as owners! Wouldn’t go to anyone else! (TW - Bexley)

  We have a Boston Terrier, who is a puppy and crazy . We reached out to Jules for help in training him when we first got him. Jules came to our house first and taught us basic commands with Frank and helped us with recall and walking on the lead in the park. Jules was so helpful and informative and never judge us for questions or how naughty Frank was. Jules listened and spent ages helping. Frank absolutely Loves Jules. We work shift work so often use Jules for day care with Frank and he is so happy and clearly treated like part of the family When he stays with her. Throughout the stay with Jules, either for a few hours or a few days, we recieved lots of pictures and videos of Frank playing with Willow and Jules family. We recommend Jules so much we have had friends and Family use Jules for doggy day care, boarding and training and they are equally as happy as we are. HIGHLIY RECOMMEND :) (Tess - Boston Terrier - Bexley)

  We had the pleasure of meeting Jules. She made our family feel prepared with all the questions we had before our GSD ( puppy ) arrived from the advice, to what to look out for breeders, puppy schedule before puppy arrives , and what to do the first day , and first 3 months of puppy arrival and Training Tips . We adore our German Shepherd LEO! He is excellent and works to the schedule like magic. GSD, I have learnt are very intelligent. Yes .... she was right! He does bring us endless fun, laughter and love. Highly recommend Jules for her calm and patient manner. (Arwinder - Sevenoaks)

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